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Box Of Cubans named the best restaurant in Tampa Bay by Yelp

interior of a restaurant with blue and white walls
Inside Box of Cubans in Riverview

We are always on the hunt for a new spot to enjoy Cuban sandwiches and cafe con leche. In truth, our favorite spot remains The Flan Factory and their award-winning Cuban sandwich, but a new spot out in Riverview is now heavily on our radar. Box of Cubans was originally founded in 2017, but now operates in a new location at 10451 Gibsonton Drive last summer. The owners have taken pride in sharing the recipes of their families with the greater Tampa Bay region, and they were just named the number one spot to eat at in Tampa Bay by Yelp.

Overall, the restaurant has a 4.8 star rating on Yelp across 271 reviews. They’ve received 242 perfect 5-tar reviews so far, and we imagine that number will continue to grow.


The restaurant’s lechon breakfast sandwich features sauteed onions, and Swiss cheese wrapped in a fluffy omelette on Cuban bread. It’s garnered attention since the concept first debuted, and now is a neighborhood staple amongst visitors. Box of Cubans sandwich selection is its claim to fame. Below you’ll find a few of the must try gourmet sammies when you visit:

Box of Cubans has earned tons of acclaim for its stacked Cuban sandwich
  • Pan Con Bistec: Palomilla steak marinated in mojo, sauteed onions, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, potato sticks, topped with cilantro sauce and mayo.
  • Mojito Pork: House Marinated Lechon, sauteed onions, Swiss cheese, pickled jalapeños, cilantro sauce, and mayo
  • Chopped Cheeseburger: Angus ground beef chopped with sautéed onions, melted American cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and ketchup.
  • Ham Croquette: Ham croquettes, Serrano ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard.
You have to experience the guava pastries when you visit

This restaurant also serves up guava and cream cheese, and banana and Nutella empanadas, and famous hearty Cuban bowls with toasted Cuban bread.

“Our commitment is to cook from scratch, no shortcuts so our customers can enjoy the Sandwiches, Empanadas, Rice bowls and Cuban coffee but more importantly, experience the authenticity and freshness that our Abuela’s taught us,” write the owners in Box Of Cubans mission statement.


Follow Box of Cubans on Facebook and Instagram for more menu teasers.

a row of empanadas with three different sauces on the side: green, red and yellow.
Loaded empanadas


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