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Eddie & Sam’s NY Pizza is the top spot for a slice in Tampa, according to a new study

exterior of a pizza restaurant with a large red white and green awning
Outside Eddie & Sam's in downtown Tampa

Tampa’s pizza scene blew up recently due to a series of viral TikToks giving each spot a shot of the one bite challenge. Many folks around town are passionate about their particular pizza haunt, but a new study from Stacker aggregates thousands of reviews to rank the top pizza spots in major cities across America, including Tampa. The honor for best pizza spot in Tampa went to Eddie & Sam’s NY Pizza located at 203 E Twiggs Street.

This list used data from Yelp. Businesses were selected using Yelp’s top 100 pizza spots list. That is an all-time list of the Top Places for Pizza in the United States according to Yelp. The website identified businesses in the pizza category, then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews.


a slice of pizza topped with chicken parm and red sauce
A delicious slice of Chicken Parm Pizza from Eddie and Sam’s

Eddie & Sam’s is a taste of New York in downtown Tampa

Classic New York style pizza is characterized by its wide, foldable slices with thick, flavorful crust. The iconic crust has been attributed to the minerals in the New York City tap water that pizzaiolos use to make the dough. Eddie & Sam’s N.Y. Pizza imports New York waters in order to bring authentic New York pizza to their Florida family.

What pies keep customers coming back year after year? Start with the Lasagna Pie. This behemoth is a whole Sunday dinner you can hold in your hand. Fold a slice complete with melty ricotta, Eddie & Sam’s signature homemade marinara, ground beef, a generous amount of mozzarella cheese, and Parmigiana cheese. 

a veggie pizza with one slice being pulled out
The veggie pizza at Eddie & Sam’s

The perfect Sicilian pie in Tampa Bay

For the cooler days here in the city of Tampa we highly recommend the Chicken Parmigiana pie. Eddie * Sam’s breaded chicken breast completely coated in that very same signature marinara sauce will make you feel like you’re back in your nonna’s kitchen. 


The premier pizza experience at this Tampa treasure involves the sensational Sicilian slice. This slice is made with dough that is fermented for 4-5 hours. The fresh baked crust is topped with homemade Sicilian Sauce and topped with whole milk mozzarella cheese.

a slice of pizza topped with lasagna
A slice of Lasagna Pizza from Eddie & Sam’s

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