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Forbici & Slice Joynt bring the art of Roman pizza to Hyde Park

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Florida isn’t exactly known for its amazing pizza, but Forbici and its grab-and-go offshoot Slice Joynt are changing that. The exquisite concept from Jason Brunetti, founder of Brunetti Pizza, and Jeff Gigante, founder of Ciccio Restaurant Group, finds its home in the booming Hyde Park Village — and its sprawling menu caters to carnivores, vegans, and gluten-free diners alike.

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Famous meatballs arrive in Hyde Park

Let’s start off with the popular dishes. The meatballs, y’all. These hearty creations are made with all natural Pork and Beef alla Nanny. If you’re famished, we recommend you start with this savory shareable while you peruse the menu.

Don’t fret, Forbici also offers vegan Impossible Meatballs.

On the lighter side, the Shishito Peppers lightly dressed in lemon and sea salt offer a mild kick to your palate.


Healthy options abound on the indulgent menu

Want a protein-packed lunch? Kick it with a filling grain bowl. The gluten-free and vegetarian Sano is probably the most requested. The dish is made with black rice, grape tomatoes, grilled broccolini, Marcona almonds, mushrooms and basil pesto. You can top it with your choice of protein — we recommend the chicken.

If we’re looking to treat ourselves, we’re going for pasta. As the temperature slowly goes down, there’s nothing better than a heaping plate of meat and veggie topped spaghetti. Oh fork yea.

We went with the Cavatelli, a pasta dripping in white wine sauce, porcini, and tomato. Once again, a gluten-free pasta is available if you have an allergy/intolerance.

Holy kale this salad is good

You can break up the carbo-loading with the shredded kale Erica Salad. It’s combined with romaine lettuce, radicchio, Marcona almonds, dried cherries, and bathed in a cashew balsamic vinaigrette.

It’ll convert even the most ardent carnivore. Seriously, we can’t name a more iconic pair than the cashew balsamic and shredded kale. It’s the indulgence you can feel good about.

That of course is a prelude to the coup de gras of treats at Forbici, Roman Pizza. The Teglia square pizza features handcrafted dough that is fermented for 72 hours and baked at a high temperature ensuring an incredibly light and airy crust.

Square pizza is sensational

The pizza is finished with house-made mozzarella, and perfectly cut with artisan scissors.

We recommend you go with the Cup & Char pie. Delicate pepperoni slices come fresh out the oven like savory rosebuds, holding all the wonderful flavors within.

This too can be ordered gluten-free as a round pie.

Savor Teglia by the slice

If you don’t have time for the full sit-down experience you can always swing by the Slice Joynt instead. The fast casual concept offers all the thick square slices and salads your heart desires.

Forbici and Slice Joynt are located at 1633 West Snow Avenue. Follow Forbici on Facebook and Instagram, and Slice Joynt on Facebook and Instagram for updates on specials and events.


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