Here Are the Whole Foods Items About to Become a Lot Cheaper

With the rise of scientific studies, TV doctors, and health apps grocery shoppers are more informed than ever before. However, natural and organic items can certainly take a toll on shoppers’ wallets. Whole Foods is no stranger to this concept, yet new owner, Amazon, promised and is delivering on lower prices.

There are three Whole Foods stores in the Tampa Bay area, four if you count Sarasota. Here’s a list of a few popular items that are decreasing in price:

Rotisserie Chicken

Was: $13.99:

Now: $7.99


Was: $13.99/lb

Now: $9.99/lb

Ground Beef

Was: $10.99/lb

Now: $6.99/lb

Organic Fuji Apples

Was: $3.49/lb

Now: $1.99/lb


Was $2.50

Now $1.49

A Dozen Brown Eggs

Was: $4.29

Now: $3.99

Amazon promises more price drops to come. Will you shop there more often?



Written by Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey is the founder of I Love the Burg and That's So Tampa. In addition to regular contributions to each blog, he's been featured as a commentator to Bay New 9, The Tampa Tribune, The Tampa Bay Times, The Tampa Bay Business Journal and The Business Observer as well as national outlets including The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal.