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5 great yoga studios and gyms to experience in Tampa

exterior of a gym with blue and green mural
Outside CAMP in Tampa

As the pursuit of balance and well-being continues to be a priority in 2024, Tampa, Florida, emerges as a haven for yoga enthusiasts. The city is home to yoga studios offering a unique blend of classes, ambiance, and community spirit. From the revitalizing and restorative spaces of Kodawari to the invigorating energy at Gaze, CAMP, and Yoga Loft, here are the five best yoga studios in Tampa to guide you on your journey to mindfulness and self-discovery in the new year.


Nestled in the heart of Tampa, Kodawari Studios stands as a beacon of holistic wellness for the bay area community. With a focus on providing a sanctuary for self-discovery and revolution, Kodawari offers yoga for all levels, sauna & cold plunge, acupuncture neurosomatic therapy, massage, and soft tissue recovery work. Yogis from a wide range of backgrounds come together with a passion for creativity and self-discovery in a truly inclusive and diverse community at Kodawari.


3965 Henderson Blvd Suite C

Bella Prana Collective

Bella Prana Collective is a community-driven studio dedicated to making yoga accessible to everyone. With a diverse range of classes, workshops, and events, Bella Prana provides a welcoming space for practitioners of all levels. Choose from yoga meditation, massage, and sound healing on-site. Bella Prana also offers a wide range of training in Hot 26, Prenatal Yoga, Yin Yoga, Seniors, Restorative, and Reiki. 

1112 W Platt St


Gaze Hot Yoga

For those seeking the transformative power of hot yoga, Gaze Hot Yoga in Tampa is a standout destination. The studio’s commitment to promoting simple hot yoga classes designed with positive authentic teaching is what sets it apart. Located in historic Tampa Heights, choose from heated and non-heated classes for all human beings to move their bodies in away that promotes optimal health, strength, flexibility, and mental acuity.

1809 N Tampa St


CAMP Tampa is a playground built to play and gather, sweat, and network. Choose from cycle, yoga, circuit, sculpt, and HIIT classes to foster the strengthening of mind, body, and soul. CAMP yoga offers heated classes between 88-92 degrees, allowing you to safely go deeper into poses and work out the kinks caused by the stress of everyday life. The yoga studio offers a bright and naturally lit space, creating the perfect ambiance to unwind and reset. 

3012 W Palmira Ave

Yoga Loft 

Situated in the historic district of Ybor City, Yoga Loft is a sanctuary for those seeking a balance of strength and serenity. The studio’s website introduces visitors to its diverse class offerings, highlighting the fusion of traditional and contemporary yoga practices. With experienced instructors and a commitment to fostering a supportive community, Yoga Loft is an ideal space for practitioners to deepen their yoga journey.

2002 E 5th Avenue #102

In 2024, Tampa’s yoga community continues to thrive, offering a diverse array of studios to cater to every yogi’s preferences. These five studios stand out as the best in Tampa to help you embrace your Zen and embark on a transformative journey of well-being in the new year.

Article by Hobie Long

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