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Have $14 million? You could be the new owner of Florida’s iconic Beer Can Island

aerial view o an island with a tiki bar and greenery
A view from above of Pine Key

Don’t be sad because it’s over. Be happy we had a Beer Can Island at all. The popular haunt for kayakers and boaters is officially on the market with a hefty price tag of $14.2 million. Hold up, just checking to see if the seller will accept long-term Klarna installments.

There’s no real mythology behind the nickname. Beer Can Island got its name due to the beer cans left behind by revelers. The island itself is 9-acres and is situated in Tampa Bay not far from MacDill Airforce Base and equidistant to Apollo Beach.


In 2017, current owners Carl Weaver, Johnny Gadd and a few of their friends bought the island, for $64,000 according to WFLA. The group added tiki bars, portable bathrooms, and even a giant slide to entice thousands of visitors. Of course, this island wasn’t zoned for these types of activities and drew stark criticism from local officials.

a tiki bar shade structure on an island
The current owners built a full bar, and shade structures on the island

A wild piece of Tampa Bay History

In 2019, Hillsborough County’s code enforcement board dismissed code violations against the island following a legal dispute, writes Bay News 9. Recently, commissioners deliberated over the creation of a new land use category for Pine Key aka Beer Can Island.

“With the right vision and willingness to collaborate with Hillsborough County, opportunities for development could be explored and expanded upon,” wrote the owners in a press release.


“This opportunity is exceedingly rare, as Pine Key is one of the only privately owned islands in Tampa Bay,” Cole Weaver, majority owner of Pine Key, said in a statement. “We’re grateful for the outpouring of support we have received from the community and our members over the years, but all good things must come to an end at some point, and for us, that time is now.” 

sunset view from an island
Sunset view from Pine Key

Once a partygoers paradise

They’re accepting cash offers immediately, and a crypto auction will run from early March to April 1. He said the price jump to $14 million is comparable to offers they’ve had in the past.

In Hillsborough, there are currently four other islands with residential zoning. Notably, one spans 2.58 acres with ‘residential 20’ zoning, emphasizing spacious residential possibilities, and another, 1.41 acres, is zoned ‘residential 4,’ showcasing the potential for more concentrated yet appealing layouts. These instances provide valuable insights into the diverse residential zoning options already enjoyed within the county, offering precedents for the island’s prospective development pending proper zoning and regulatory considerations. 

Click HERE to see the full news release.

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