Fans encouraged to wear Bolts Blue at massive 4th of July boat parade

Exterior of a convention center with multiple boats floating in the water

We love you, Tampa Bay Lightning. You have done so much for this city, and continue to inspire residents both on and off the ice. You won TWO STRAIGHT STANLEY CUP FINALS, and you made it to a third in a tough series against a very good Colorado Avalanche team. In recognition of all the team has done. Tampa Mayor Jane Castor encouraged boaters, and residents to don their Bolts Blue at Boom by the Bay on Monday, July 4.

In addition to the boat parade, a giant thank you card will be placed in Curtis Hixon Park for hockey fans across the Tampa Bay region to sign. Tampa residents and visitors alike can enjoy the 4th of July Parade beginning at 6pm along the Tampa Riverwalk. Post up at Armature Works in Tampa Heights, or Sparkman Wharf along Water Street, or anywhere in between to enjoy this fabulous celebration. So make sure to wear your Bolts Blue on July 4.


4th of July celebration along the Tampa Riverwalk

This boat parade will also include a traditional blessing of the fleet. The Blessing of the Fleet is a tradition that began centuries ago in Mediterranean fishing communities. The practice began predominantly Catholic but is now practiced by all denominations as a blessing from the local clergy that is meant to ensure a safe and bountiful season.  Each boat will be festively decorated in hopes of bringing home a prize.  There will be one locations for boats to receive a blessing.  Boats simply need to drive by the station to receive their blessing. This event will take place at Sparkman Wharf prior to the launch of the boat parade. 

You can find a full breakdown of the parade map, and event calendar online courtesy of The Friends of the Tampa Riverwalk.

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