Roasted! is a Halal Candy Land with Turkish Delights, and a huge gummy candy selection

Inside a candy shop. A glass case filled with cakes is on the right, nuts and other treats are to the left

Roasted! is a brand new candy shop in Temple Terrace featuring Halal-friendly treats, and an “island” of gummy treats. When you visit make sure to get a cup of this frozen mint lemon drink, it’s the best thing I’ve sipped on in 2022 and I will be back for it very soon.

Roasted! might be our new favorite sweet spots in the region. The nut roastery and candy shop features a gummy island with 44 different Halal options. Roasted! also offers 50 different nuts roasted in house.


One major delicacy of note at the shop is the Palestinian Green Almond (Loz Akdar). Green almonds are known to have a distinct but subtle flavor that is usually described as delicate, and a bit gelatinous. Their main appeal is their soft yet firm texture. They can be seen as cousins to peaches and plums. The green almond is loaded with antioxidants, and in some instances has been proven to help combat high cholesterol.

The island of gummy flavors include ice cream, pineapple, strawberry, myriad sour worms, hot hearts, and lemons.

Apple rings, dried dates, orange peels, figs, dried kiwi, papaya chunks, and banana chips are all in the shop. You can even take home sugared chickpeas, corn nuts, and chili rice crackers are on the menu.

Fans of “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” will find this store also offers a wide assortment of Turkish delights. and Turkish baklavas. The sweets are almost too pretty to eat.

Visit Roasted! at 11301 N 56th St, Temple Terrace. Follow the concept on Instagram for some sensational teasers.


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