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PHOTOS Deep South Family BBQ serves the best fried peach pie in Florida

exterior of a small wood bbq shack

Deep South Family BBQ is situated inside a small shack in Brooksville. Just look for the alluring smoker out front if you get lost. Visiting here is like popping in at a family BBQ – if your family includes a 5-star pitmaster. The menu is short and sweet, and lets you know a ton of TLC goes into each dish served.

I also want to give a huge shout-out to the spicy ranch sauce, and sweet BBQ sauce, those meal accompaniments are the real MVPs. Now, as the sign next to the order window says, “Feed me BBQ and tell me I’m pretty.”


a brisket sandwich on a soft bun
The BBQ brisket sandwich

I’m a dessert person, so I’m going to start with the main event. The small white sign at the entrance claims that Deep South has the best fried peach pie in America. Naturally, I zeroed in on the treat and the heavenly slice did not disappoint. The golden peach filling glistens in the sun. Its fried exterior isn’t overly flaky or hard, it’s a pillowy encasement dusted with powdered sugar that comfortably yields to a fork. This thing is filling for sure, but I wish I ordered a second piece before leaving. They also offer fried apple pie, and banana pudding, both of which I plan to try on my next visit.

peach pie covered in powdered sugar
The fried peach pie at Deep South BBQ

Fried biscuits and peach pie are on the menu

If you’re indecisive, then treat yourself to a Florida sampler platter. It includes FRIED BISCUITS. They’re surprisingly shaped like wings. They have a perfectly crunchy outside, and a soft, moist inside that provides a god-tier bite. Also included with the platter are fried okra, fried green tomatoes, and bacon-wrapped tots. I’m not ashamed to admit I housed this on my own.

a fried veggie sampler platter
The Florida Sampler Platter

Other must-try items include the huge, savory ribs. As I’ve said before, these things should be bathed in sweet BBQ sauce. The brisket sandwich is also perfect. The bark on the finely sliced meat shimmers, and the bun is equally addictive.


There are several tables, and bar-style seating on its quaint patio, with several dedicated parking spots out back. Deep South BBQ is located at 7247 Cedar Lane in Brooksville. Follow the restaurant on its website and Instagram to learn more.

a plate of ribs with bbq sauce
A plate of ribs from Deep South BBQ
interior of a restaurant with an ivy wall and a neon sign next to an order window

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