You can rent mini retro boats from the Tampa Riverwalk

Mini pink powerboat floating in the water.
Photo via Riverwalk Boating Co.

Riverwalk Boating Company has brought mini power boats to the Tampa Riverwalk. These vessels are absolutely eye catching, and pretty simple to operate. Their fleet of meticulously-maintained and rare classic fiberglass runabout boats from the jet-age era (1958-1963), have been made available for everyone to enjoy and take out on the beautiful waterways of Downtown Tampa.

Note: Drivers must be at least 18 years or older to rent and operate a boat. One hour rentals cost $129, and two hour rentals cost $259.


Ride retro boats around Tampa Bay

With fanciful fins and headlights, retro cool colors and chrome details, these boats have kept their vintage style but have been retro-fitted with electric motors. The boats are quiet and environmentally-friendly, allowing for conversation and to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of Tampa’s waterways.

Price is per boat, not per person. Each boat holds up to 4 people total. Boats are meant to cruise up and down the river and go about 5 mph. Visitors should know that there isn’t any dedicated parking at the rental site. Street parking is available in the area, and the Sail Pavilion, located next to the Riverwalk Boating Co. dock, has a few metered spaces as well.

If you want to just a rent a mini 9HP powerboat, the rental is $79 for one hour, and $149 for two hours.


The rental site is located at 333 S Franklin Street, Boat Slip #26.

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