Bay Cannon debuts beer slushees

Bay Cannon Brewery in West Tampa released brand new beer slushees.

You read that right. Bay Canon is making freaking beer slushies. This is the one and only way to summer, if you’re 21+, of course.

The brewery posted photos of the tantalizing libations on Facebook to wild fanfare. Who wouldn’t want Double IPA and Hibiscus Frose slushees?


Sounds like the summer drink to end all summer drinks. Since we live in the Sunshine State where summer never really ends, we’re sure we’ll be keeping cool with the frosty treats for a long time.

Bay Cannon opened to the public on August 2, and it has quickly become a staple in the West Tampa community. From their impressive brew selection, to the vibrant mural by Wax and Hive, Bay Cannon is everything a Tampa brewery should be.

Thirsty for a beer slushee? Visit Bay Cannon at 2106 West Main Street.


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