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Iconic Alessi Bakery will move to a new location and add a full liquor bar

outside an old building with a triangular roof
Outside the future home of Alessi Bakery (screencap from Google Maps)

Big news or one of the most beloved bakeries in Tampa. Alessi Bakery has served sweets in Tampa for more than 100 years – always save room for a hot slice of scachatta. ABC Action News reports that the local legend will move to a new location after more than 50 years.

Jillian Ramos confirmed this info during an interview with the owner Phil Alessi Jr. According to Alessi, it’s time for a change. Though not a drastic one. Alessi will move less than two blocks aways to the larger spot inside the old Letter Carrier Building (3003 W Cypress Street).


two pieces of thick bread covered in red sauce
The scachatta at Alessi Bakery

The move should be finalized by December 2024. Alessia will remain open in its current location for the duration of that time.

In an interview with WFLA, Alessi Jr also stated this new location will allow them to expand their food and drink offerings. This new, modernized location could include wood-stone ovens for pizza, a big coffee bar, rotisserie chickens, and a full liquor bar. Nothing like a guava and cheese pastry paired with a craft cocktail.

Keep up with specials at Alessica Bakeries by following the business on Facebook and Instagram.


a pastry filled with guava
Alessi’s guava and cream cheese turnover

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