Tampa Bay Coffee and Art Festival is the most caffeinated event of the fall

The most caffeinated event of the year brings together some of the best, most renowned coffee roasters in the region, and state of Florida, to one location. The Tampa Bay Coffee and Art Festival (TBCAF) is an annual event designed to inspire creativity and artistic expression in the Tampa Bay Area through coffee and art. This event promises all of the coffee, and espresso you could ever desire, in addition to some sensational food trucks. The event takes place October 8 from 9am-3pm in Brandon at 1310 John Moore Rd.

TBCAF will be hosting Coffee Roasters from all over Florida, coming to bring you their finest craft coffee to try, and to share their knowledge and experiences with you.

Coffee panels are open to all event attendees. They will be hosted by some of Florida’s most knowledgeable roasters. Whether you are just starting in coffee, are a novice crafter, or a professional connoisseur, there is something to be learned that will assist you on your coffee exploration.


Inside a cafe. Three people site at a table and sip on iced coffees.
Inside Felicitous Cafe. Their Treehouse Roasters will be featured at the Tampa Bay Coffee and Art Festival

Tampa Bay coffee scene continues to boom

Tampa is certainly transforming into a coffee lover’s paradise. We’ve fallen in love with Felicitous and King State recently.

The Theme and Title of this year’s Gallery and Art Exhibit is Caffeinated. Exploring Caffeine through artistic interpretation, embracing all mediums, styles and concepts. Artists from across Florida will be displaying (and selling) their different art styles in this themed art gallery. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to gaze into the visions of these artists, and possibly even take some of them home with you.

Myriad art vendors will be on hand, as well. Come and see all of the different mediums these talented vendors will be bringing to their tables. Warning, you might be walking away with more than you were expecting! Additionally, bands will perform live throughout the day.


Those interested in attending can secure their tickets now online.

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