Shake Kulture debuts with gourmet milkshakes and shaken popcorn

Shake Kulture is our new favorite dessert spot in the city of Tampa. Seriously, these milkshakes are our childhood dreams come true. Red velvet ice cream, butternut frosted sprinkled, lemon pound cake, moist cupcakes, classic chocolate chip cookies and more combine to make these artisanal whipped shakes sparkle.

The shake we’re most excited to try has to be the “Breakfast for Dinner.” This caffeinated dessert is made with Cappuccino Crunch ice cream, features a chocolate and caramel frosted rim, and is topped with a tasty glazed donut. For those curious, there is a vegan option on the menu.


Simply called the “I’m Going Vegan,” this dessert is made with chocolate chunk non dairy vegan ice cream (almond milk), peanut butter and chocolate chip rim, topped with a banana, chocolate drizzle and coconut, and whipped cream.

Shake Kulture whips up delicious dessert popcorn

Classic strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate milkshakes are also on the menu. The main attraction for us, however, is the array of shaken popcorns. Yes, this means the fresh popped popcorn is shaken up with a variety of toppings:

  • Churro- cinnamon and sugar
  • S’mores- milk chocolate, marshmallow, graham crackers
  • Oreo – white chocolate and mini M&M’s
  • Kitchen Sink – white chocolate, pretzels and peanuts

Shake Kulture is located at 16315 N Florida Avenue. There’s also an event space that can accommodate up to 50 people. Follow the business on instagram for updates on more desserts.



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