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Lettuce Lake Park, a 240-acre natural paradise in Hillsborough County

top of an observation tower overlooking a large lake
Expansive views enjoyed from the Lettuce Lake Park observation tower

Lettuce Lake Conservation Park stands as one of Hillsborough County’s prime destinations, drawing in countless visitors year-round. Spanning across the natural floodplain of the Hillsborough River, over half of the park’s expansive property is blanketed by a lush hardwood swamp forest. The remaining area boasts scenic hardwood hammocks and sprawling pine flatwoods plant communities.

The park offers a plethora of amenities for nature enthusiasts and families alike. Wooded picnic areas and playgrounds provide the perfect setting for outdoor gatherings, while a 1.25-mile paved exercise trail caters to fitness enthusiasts. For a truly immersive experience, a 3,500-foot boardwalk complete with an observation tower offers breathtaking vistas of the Hillsborough River.


a boardwalk trail at a local park
Photo via Hillsborough County Government

Weekend nature education tours led by park rangers and volunteers offer invaluable insights into the park’s rich biodiversity. For those eager to explore the waterways, canoe and kayak rentals offer the perfect opportunity to encounter a diverse array of aquatic birds and wildlife up close and personal.

Officials also recently cut the ribbon on a brand new playground for kids at the beautiful conservation park.

Visit: 6920 East Fletcher Avenue


a new playground at a park
New playground installed at Lettuce Lake Park | Photo via Hillsbrough County Government

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