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96-year-old becomes oldest person in the world to take the SeaTREK underwater walking tour in Tampa

two people go diving in tank at an aquarium
Fred Johnson enjoys the new SeaTREK experience at Florida Aquarium for the first time

You can enjoy underwater walking tours in Tampa at the award-winning Florida Aquarium. One remarkable participant just became the oldest participant to ever take a SeaTREK underwater walking tour at the Tampa entertainment destination.

The tour requires no swimming and allows people from all walks of life, even those unfamiliar with water, to access the wonders of the underwater world. Ages 10 and up—even 96-year-olds—are invited to participate in this incredible experience.


“I’m just telling you right now, I would not have done this on my own,” said Patty Sorensen, Fred’s daughter. “Dad said he wanted to do it, so I did it. It was well worth the effort. We had a lot of fun!”

a group of divers in a tank surrounded by marine life. A yellow ladder is inside the tank
Florida Aquarium’s popular underwater waling tours continue to entice visitors

Enjoy a wild underwater walking tour in downtown Tampa

Prior to Fred’s dive, the SeaTREK record was 93 years old. When told he set a new world record, Fred said “Oh, I figured that! Not too many older people are probably doing that. I’ve tried a few things that I was probably the oldest person.” 

Trained and certified safety divers from The Florida Aquarium lead the tour from start to finish, and the most rewarding part of their day is seeing the smiling faces of participants as they come out of the water.


“Honestly, we were more excited and nervous than he was,” said Matt Shuttleworth, Marine Operations Manager at The Florida Aquarium. “It looked like he was just having a regular Tuesday. He walked around and had a great attitude. He did a great job! And the team got him safely in and out of the water.”

SeaTREK is available every weekend and select weekdays at The Florida Aquarium. For more information or to book the experience, click here.

a group of people in scuba suits enjoy an underwater walking tour
The SeaTREK experience is open to the public, but you must make a reservation in advance

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