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Learn Euphoria, a psychedelics school, opens in Tampa Bay

Two people in lab coats stand in a room holding small red objects
Photo via Learn Euphoria

The first of its kind in the state of Florida, a trippy new learning experience is making its debut in St. Pete. “Learn Euphoria,” a trailblazing school dedicated to the study and exploration of psychedelics, is officially opening its doors to curious minds this January at 1916 Central Ave.

The exciting new project doesn’t involve the use of actual psychedelics, but instead offers an opportunity for a deep educational dive on the many uses and varieties of psilocybin, following the headwinds across the country as many states have elected to legalize and decriminalize psilocybin. 


Hosted at Chillum Mushroom and Hemp Dispensary, a trusted hub known for its commitment to education and community engagement, Learn Euphoria offers in-person classes that cover an array of subjects. These include “How to Grow Mushrooms,” “How to Microdose,” “How to Trip Sit,” and “Intro to Psychedelics,” providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the historical, legal, and pharmacological aspects of psychedelics.

People learning about mushrooms
Photos courtesy learn Euphoria

Founder and educator Carlos Hermida is quick to clarify that there are no psychedelics in class. Instead, the courses focus on history, usage, FAQs, and even legal mushroom cultivation – such as Lions Mane and Cordyceps – emphasizing a safe and responsible approach to psychedelics. With a focus on harm reduction, legal considerations, and ethical practices, the classes are priced at $100 each, ensuring a commitment to sharing valuable information without the presence of illegal substances.

Hermida summed up a large portion of the school’s mission succinctly, saying, “We believe that education could lead to legalization.” Expressing optimism about the potential for change, he stressed the need for widespread understanding, referencing Rep. Michael Grieco’s 2021 proposal to legalize psilocybin therapy in Florida.


As Learn Euphoria looks toward the future, plans are in motion to expand accessibility through online courses, making invaluable psychedelic knowledge available to a broader audience. The school’s commitment to education aligns seamlessly with the growing interest in psychedelics as tools for personal growth and mental well-being.

To enroll in classes or learn more about Learn Euphoria, visit Join the journey of unlocking the future with psychedelics, taking euphoria into your own hands.

Class Details:

  • What: Psychedelic Education
  • Where: Chillum Mushroom and Hemp Dispensary: 1916 Central Ave, Unit B, St Petersburg, FL 33712
  • When:
    • How to Microdose: Jan 5th
    • Psilocybin Crash Course: Jan 19th
    • Advanced Mushroom Growing: Jan 26th

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