Bread on the Bay is Tampa’s newest Italian and Latin sandwicheria

two pork sandwiches side by side. One is being dipped

Bread on the Bay is the newest restaurant to enter the competitive Cuban sandwich scene here in the city of Tampa. Located at 951 East 7th Avenue, this sandwicheria offers up fresh juice and Cafe Con Leche to pair with its savory variety of steak, pork, and avocado sandwiches. Bread on the Bay opened its doors just one month ago and has earned near perfect 5-star reviews since its inception.

The top tier item on this quaint menu is the Latin Steak Au Jus. This sandwich is made with shaved ribeye, grilled peppers, onions, tomatoes, provolone, and white American, with house aioli, and crispy potato sticks, served with their sensational beef au jus. We are sandwich dippers here in the Tampa Bay region and this restaurant honors that tradition.


Their classic Cubano is made with city ham, pulled pork, swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on pressed Cuban bread. We haven’t indulged in this delicacy yet, but we are excited to see where it ranks among Tampa’s elite Cuban sandwiches.

Bread on the Bay introduced Latin Steak Au Jus

Bread on the Bay’s signature tostada mixed perfectly cooked scrambled eggs with crispy bacon and Swiss cheese. If you’re looking for a more modern bite, the salmon avocado toast is savory and relatively healthy option on the menu.

Want something a little different? Try the asiago cream cheese with strawberry jelly on a toasted bagel. The wild and sweet mix is the perfect way to start your day in Tampa. Pair that with a mango or hibiscus juice to truly elevate your dining experience.


Flatbread pizzas, a prosciutto caprese hot Italian sandwich, and myriad breakfast sandwiches also feature on the menu. The sandwicheria’s slow roasted pork is garlic glory. You’ll want to eat by the drum. Follow Bread on the Bay on Instagram for updates.

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