Agreement Makes Uber and Lyft Legal at TPA

While many residents and visitors make use of the ride share apps Uber and Lyft en route to and from Tampa International Airport, the organization’s operation at TPA has remained the subject of controversy. Their presence at the airport was technically not legal.

TPA enters one year agreement with ride share apps 

Following an August board meeting, the controversy can now be put to rest. TPA has agreed to enter a contract with Uber, Lyft and Wingz. The agreement allows guests to use the apps legally. The ride share companies will pay a small fee fro each ride from the airport.


Airports across the country have entered similar agreements to help create a level playing field for cabs who currently pay a per trip fee, as well an annual maintenance fee  . Drivers will pay a fee of $3 for each ride this year. Fees will reach $5 in the third year of operation. The agreements begin August 3 and go through September 30, 2018 with a one-year renewal option.

Fees to increase year over year

In October of 2016, the Philadelphia Airport came to a similar agreement with Uber and Lyft. Ride share drivers pay a $3 fee per pickup and $2.50 per drop off. Taxis, on the other hand, pay $1.50 per trip, though drivers pay an annual $25 maintenance fee, according to Technically.

For those not from the Tampa Bay area, this decision comes as a relief they never knew they needed. With so many major events coming to Tampa in the coming years (i.e. NHL All-Star Game, Gasparilla, March Madness, Super Bowl), a harmonious relationship between TPA, the city, and ride share apps is vital.



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