Your Guide To Pet Safety During Hurricane Season

As you may have read here, Tampa is known for its love of dogs and other animals, so when a hurricane hits we want to ensure that you and your furry friends remain safe. Hurricane season stretches from June 1 to November 30 and there are a few key things to do to help your pets stay safe. Here is your guide to pet safety during hurricane season.

Microchip Your Pets
Having your pets microchipped not only helps in a hurricane but will put your mind at ease year round. Microchips are radio frequency identification implants. If you and your pet are ever separated, a vet or animal shelter can easily check for a microchip. The microchip has an ID number specific to your pet so that if separated and your pet is found the rescuer can also find you. A tropical storm is a terrible place to lose a pet and having them microchipped gives you peace of mind you will be reunited with mans best friend.


Have A Pet Safety Kit Ready
A pet safety kit is vital if your family needs to be evacuated. The kit should include food and water for at least five days at the minimum. Make sure to have a manual can opener and an extra gallon of water in case your pet is exposed to any hazardous chemicals and needs to be rinsed.

Make sure all medical records and necessary medications are on hand in a waterproof bag or container. It is also wise to carry an excess of garbage bags to clean up after your pet. For cats, have kitty litter, a litter box, and scooper with you.

Harnesses and sturdy leashes are crucial, as well as proper carrying crates to transport your pets in. Due to the fact that your pet may be in a crate for hours at a time, it’s best to make sure the crate is outfitted with a comfortable blanket and plenty of toys. Ensure that your pet’s identification is up to date on their collar and list out feeding schedules and proper care instructions in case they need to be boarded or placed in foster care. The ASPCA offers a free pet safety pack you can get here.


Alert Stickers
A great action you can take to ensure your pets safety is to get a Pet Alert Sticker. Be sure the sticker includes your number of pets and types of pets you have alongside the number of your veterinarian. When planning where to evacuate to make sure that they are accepting of having your pets around before heading out.

Image courtesy of Cherished Companions Animal Clinic


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