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Three Must-Try Peruvian Restaurants in Tampa

One of our favorite cuisines that does not get enough love is Peruvian food. The diverse South American country pretty much gave the world potatoes, tomatoes and corn. So, here are three establishments in the Tampa area that are great representatives of this gastronomic empire.

1. Terra Sur Cafe

When the sangria is tangy and the aji amarillo sauce is just right, nothing else matters (insert Metallica voice). Besides having great sangria and rustic flavors, this Carrollwood restaurant has some Peruvian classics that are spot-on like anticuchos de corazon, grilled beef hearts on a skewer, and papa a la huancaina, potatoes in a spicy and creamy cheese sauce. Of course, the ceviche is fantastic and worth the trip on its own.


Visit Terra Sur Cafe at 5358 W Village Dr.

2. Happy Fish

One of the best parts about Peruvian cuisine is indulging in dual starches. Roasted meats are often accompanied by both rice and potatoes – ok, and maybe a siesta, this is hard-working-people food! Well, Happy Fish is killing it with dishes like Olluco de Carne, Peruvian potatoes and beef served with a dome of white rice.


Happy Fish also has a massive ceviche platter along with a delicious version of Pescado a Lo Macho or fried fish with octopus, squid, shrimp served with a rich broth and rice.

Visit Happy Fish at 4046 Fiesta Plaza.

3. Señor Rocoto

Lomo saltado is pretty much the barometer of any good Peruvian restaurant, and Señor Rocoto is cranking out a beefy wonder.

If readers are not familiar, lomo saltado comes from Peru’s chifa cuisine, which is a fusion of Peruvian spices and produce with Chinese and Cantonese cooking, and is essentially a beef stir fry with French fries thrown in for good measure. Señor Rocoto is nailing this Peruvian classic along with a menu filled with delicacies.

Visit Señor Rocoto at 5522 Hanley Rd.

Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know in the comments below and also tell us where we can get some cuy.


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