Tampa’s XFL team has a name, meet the Vipers

The new logo for the Tampa Bay Vipers, Tampa's XFL team
Photo credit: XFL

The NFL gave us the Bucs, and now the XFL is giving us the Vipers. Will the team be a cold blooded winning machine? Will the XFL survive longer than one season? Only time will tell. But for now, we’ll let ourselves get a little excited courtesy of this promo package.

“They slither and stalk their competition…ready to strike their competition.” Yea, this league seems to be equal parts sports and sports entertainment, which makes sense when you consider who’s behind it.


Does the XFL sound familiar to you? It should. In the early aughts Vince McMahon, owner of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), launched his own extreme brand of football. It didn’t catch on and was finished in just one year.

McMahon is hoping to do it right this time. He’s brought in NFL veterans to help design a new kind of game that is a bit faster paced, but still safe.

Games are set to begin in February 2020.

Are you ready for some (more) football? Let us know if you’ll be watching the XFL in the comments.

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