Tampa Treasures: Nicola’s Donuts, a sweet institution since 1982

Exterior of a donut shop paired with a photo of a s'mores donut
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Look to the donut, Tampa. The sweet, and occasionally savory morning confection is a major component of the Tampa Bay diet (or at least mine). There’s one spot that’s garnered a reputation as the best in the city, and its cultivated that acclaim over the course of nearly 40 years. Welcome to Nicola’s Donuts.

One visit to Nicola’s and you’ll be permeating the sweet baked scent of donuts all day. The shop should really release its own line of cologne.

Savor thick cronuts at Nicola’s

We highly recommend the ever popular cronuts. If you’re supremely famished then I recommend trying to get your paws on a fried Oreo donut — it will in fact ruin your for all other donuts going forward.

Nicola’s Donuts opened in 1982 as a small, family-owned business. It didn’t take long for the donut shop to become a local landmark.

Nicola’s Donuts is now owned by Diane Rosario, a Tampa local who continues to add new recipes to Nicola’s already legendary menu.

Fried Oreo donuts are on the menu

Rosario is a former elementary school teacher with a sweet tooth and a passion for baking. In the classroom, Diane’s students celebrated achievements with cookies, cupcakes and other treats Diane baked up for them.

Nicola’s Donuts operates on the vision of giving back to the community, according to its website.

Nicola’s fancy donuts include Butterfinger donuts, a brownie explosion, guava filled donuts, hibiscus iced vanilla cake, and cookie butter vanilla cake.

Dunk a cinnamon roll in some coffee on the go

Cinnamon rolls and apple fritters are also on the menu.

Nicola’s is located at 902 W Busch Boulevard. The donut shop is open  Monday-Friday: 6am-1pm and Saturday: 7am-2pm.

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Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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