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Tampa Treasures: Mr. Dunderbak’s

The front entrance of Mr. Dunderbak's restaurant
Photo by Max Jenkins for That's So Tampa

UPDATE 4/29/20: Mr Dunderbak’s is one of our favorite local institutions. This restaurant has served the city for years, providing incredible German cuisine, great beer, live music and more. Now, it’s time we support this restaurant the way it has supported our city.

The German-American Brewpub is open for curbside pickup. Customers can place orders for whole apple strudel, and delicious, decadent Black Forest cake. They’re also selling t-shirts, and accepting donations for their employees and staff. Visit their online shop to place your order.


The Deli is also open. Pick up essential provisions like Eggs, Butter, Angus ground beef, Cake mixes, Gravy mixes, Spaetzle, Canned Sauerkraut ,Sausage links, Gourmet cheese, Imported Salami, cured hams.

You can also place orders for their signature sadnwiches and most popular dishes on Doordash.

See more details on Mr. Dunderbak’s website.


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Mr. Dunderbak’s is Tampa’s German-American brewpub, and it might be home to the best beer garden in the city. This Munich-inspired restaurant is serving all the German classics and craft brew you could desire. Their long communal tables came over direct from the Hofbrau Haus in Munchen, Germany.

Photo by Max Jenkins for That’s So Tampa

For nearly 50 years, the kitchen has been cranking out more schnitzel than you can imagine. So much schnitzel in fact, that Mr. Dunderbak’s had to import a specialized “schnitzel machine” from Germany to keep up with the demand. This machine is what makes your veal or pork so lean and tender before it is breaded in a secret blend of herbs and flour, and pan-fried to perfection.

The schnitzel comes out of the pan hot, crackling, and full of flavorful personality. Top it off with anything from homemade rich mushroom gravy to spicy sour cream. You can even have your schnitzel Hawaiian style and layered with melted gruyere cheese, black forest ham, grilled pineapple, and cherries.

The interior of Mr. Dunderbak's restaurant
Photo by Max Jenkins for That’s So Tampa

There is one item on the menu that is only available on Friday and Saturday nights due to the depth of preparation. The “Shweinshaxe” is the most popular dish every weekend. Here’s why:

Mr. Dunderbak starts off with coating a jumbo pork shank in a salt and brown sugar rub. He then rests the shank on a bed of onions, apples and a black beer marinade before slow braising it in the oven for hours. Once the pork is tender and ready to fall off the bone, it is plated with mashed potatoes and a smooth demi-glaze. This dish is a German delicacy and
a must try for any newcomer.

The deli at Mr. Dunderbak's. Shelves of European candies and a deli case with meats and cheese.
Photo by Max Jenkins for That’s So Tampa

In addition to the Shweinshaxe, a one-man band playing the electric accordion helps set the atmosphere. There’s even a deli counter

Next time you are craving something new and exciting, head to Mr. Dunderbak’s to indulge in authentic German fare.

Mr. Dunderbak’s is located at 14929 Bruce B Downs Blvd.

*Article by Max Jenkins


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