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Tampa movie star launches an awesome—and healthy—new energy shot

Tampa-based actor, Dilan Jay proudly holds a sample of his new energy shot.
Dilan Jay with Woke Up! Energy Shot | Photo courtesy of Jenn Ryan

Founded by local musician/actor, Dilan Jay, Woke Up! is a new, Tampa-based company committed to bringing high-quality, clean energy to the Bay.

Less than a year ago, actor and musician, Dilan Jay, left the busy streets of LA to become a Bay-area local. Today, I sat down with him to discuss his newest business venture.


“Tampa is filled with great people,” he shared, recalling his relocation. “The city is really becoming exciting. Stuff is happening here, and I like being where things are happening.”

My eyes caught a distant flat-screen on the side wall as a virtual poster for a recent action movie slowly slid across the screen. Dilan’s face was plastered beneath the title.

In that moment, I came to a conclusion; even if things weren’t happening in Tampa, Dilan would be making  them happen. And—with the launch of his potent herbal energy shot, Woke Up!—that is precisely what he’s doing.


Bringing more healthy food to the world

Since he already has a successful acting career, and a band on the rise (catch them at Jannus Live), I was naturally curious what urged Dilan to wander into the entrepreneurship realm. Surely, I thought, entertainment makes a cushy living—why take the risk? For the lively performer, the answer was simple.

“I’ve always been obsessed with healthy food and drinks. I know a lot about herbs, and I wanted to share that with people. Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you they need more energy, but there aren’t any wholesome energy drinks on the market. I wanted to help people solve that problem by giving them something good to put in their body.”

He handed me a sleek, black and red bottle.

“I’m just on a mission to bring more healthy food to the world.”

Woke Up! Energy Shot, available for online or Amazon purchase, come in neatly arranged packs of 12.

“Waking Up” Tampa

Now, I will admit, I’m a bit of a fitness and health food junkie myself. So, looking down at the shot, I was skeptical. Energy drinks are notoriously chemical based and have harsh side effects. Unless it was at least 95% clean, I probably wasn’t going to taste it—even if a movie star with a McLaren was watching me.

Fortunately, however, Dilan didn’t let my hesitant mind contemplate for long. He described the drink as completely herb-based. As opposed to deriving caffeine from coffee or tea leaves, like traditional energy products, Woke Up! gets its oomph from naturally occurring sources, such as lions mane mushrooms, cordyceps, and ashwagandha. As a result, the drink is not harsh on the liver, doesn’t cause a sugar crash, and even boosts the immune system. And—on top of all that—the natural energy even provides vitamins.

I finally raised my eyes from the bottle. Temporarily checking my caution at the door, I decided to peel away the label and give it a try.

For about three minutes, I felt nothing. But then things slowly began to change. Dilan describes the process as becoming “woke.” Here’s what that’s like.

The power of herbs

So, from the start, I felt noticeably happier and calmer. Not tired calm, though—it was kinda like a “my-anxiety-and-stress-is-on-vacation” type of feeling. I was relaxed, yet completely awake, so I guess I’d say I was mentally relaxed. That phenomenon, I realized, would come in handy when writing or studying, because it could clear my brain of some of its useless clutter, and make room for more intense thoughts/focus.

Dilan explained that this effect was intentional. All too often, traditional caffeine products can result in jitters and anxiety, thus, when designing Woke Up! he added rhodiola rosea to the recipe. A perennial flowering plant, rhodiola is known for its ability to decrease stress, so, when added to the drink, it counteracts any possible shakes. For those with generalized anxiety, this can be incredibly helpful.

After the mental shift, I also began to feel physically “woke.” As energy drink consumers, I imagine you all are very interested in what that entails.

Woke Up! definitely made me hyper-alert. My focus was sharper, and my instincts responded to stimuli much quicker. As I got up and moved around the room, I felt light and airy, kind of like I was moving on a cloud, or something spongy. I imagine this “spring in the step” could be great for trips to the gym, or simply for those who feel weighed down by life’s many burdens.

In addition to these perks, Woke Up! also boosts serotonin. I could describe that effect to you, too, but I think I’ll stop here and encourage you all to try the shot for yourself.

Oh, and don’t worry—it tastes good, too.

And, as someone who literally wrote this article hyped up on a bottle of Woke, I would highly recommend it.

Woke Up! Herbal Energy Shot is available for purchase on Amazon, or (discounted) on their official website. To learn more about the product, shoppers can find the company on Instagram: @wokeupenergyshot. 




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