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Tampa Connected Vehicle Pilot Comes Closer to Reality

The City of Tampa, HART, Teco and FDOT in partnership with the US Department of Transportation and Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) want to make the roads in Tampa safer. Back in 2015, officials introduced the Tampa Connected Vehicle Pilot concept to praise and curiosity.



Creating the ability for cars, buses and pedestrians to communicate in real-time

By mid-2018, THEA will equip 10 buses, 10 streetcars and 1,500 participants’ cars with wireless communication devices that exchange traffic and safety information with other vehicles and roadway infrastructure. The US DOT awarded THEA with a $17 million contract to implement the tech into the city. Once active, Tampa will be one of the first cities in the US to have the technology available.

The roadside equipment that will allow vehicles and pedestrians to communicate with one another could be installed in traffic signals, street cameras, automobiles and attached to polls. The Connected Vehicle Pilot Program provides real-time warnings and alerts to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. These warnings include:

  • Potential Hazards
  • Emergency Vehicles Approaching 
  • When it’s safe to cross or change lanes

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Tech will significantly reduce fatalities and accidents

Peter Ragoff of the Department of Transportation noted that the technology has the potential to reduce fatalities by as much as 80%. Following the completion of the project, there will be a 3 year study period where the project will be closely monitored and analyzed to gauge its overall impact on the Tampa community.

THEA recently unveiled the Tampa Connected Vehicle website, which provides more in-depth details concerning the programming and its arrival in the city. Soon, they’ll add a virtual tour component allowing residents to gain a better understanding of the technology’s integration into their daily commute.


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