Tampa Bay company KindUrth launches new gummies to assist with sleep

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It’s no secret that a good night sleep can impact your overall health and wellbeing both in the short and long term. And with the added stress and anxiety many Americans are feeling in 2020, sleep can be illusive, yielding to the racing thoughts and worries that weigh on our minds.


Enter KindUrth… Tampa Bay’s own natural health and wellness Company who aims to help with this sleep challenge. Based in St. Petersburg, KindUrth was founded by health enthusiasts who aim to bring wellness solutions to market which are derived from nature, safe and of the highest quality available. 

Use code TST20 to receive an additional 20% off your first order

With a full portfolio of high-quality, hemp-derived products, KindUrth’s “Sleep Time” Gummies are hand crafted with kindness and specially formulated to help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night. The combination of CBD and Melatonin (a natural sleep aid) really helps support healthy sleep cycles and overall wellbeing.

Here is what Vanessa from St. Petersburg said about KindUrth Sleep Time Gummies

“I wear my FitBit monitor to bed every night to track my sleep patterns, quality, and duration. That’s how I know these gummies are working so well for me. In just 10 days of consistently taking them before bed, I have gotten, on average, 30-40 more minutes of deep sleep, and 20-30 more minutes of REM sleep. I have seen a massive improvement in my overall energy level throughout the day.”

Use code TST20 to receive an additional 20% off your first order

At KindUrth, we’ve formulated the perfect combination of melatonin and premium CBD. With 5 mg of melatonin and 25 mg of CBD in our 750 Sleep Time Gummies and a 5/50 ratio in our 1500 Sleep Time Gummies, you can get to sleep and stay asleep naturally. The only side effects include feeling energetic and rested in the morning. 

KindUrth products are all natural, vegan, non-GMO, Gluten Free, 3rd Party Lab tested for purity and formulated using hemp that was organically grown by licensed farmers in the US.

For safe and natural nighttime support, get your Sleep Time gummies today and be sure and use coupon code TST20 to receive an additional 20% off your first order!

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