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Shop Local: Last Minute Thanksgiving Dishes in Tampa

Looking for a last minute dish to bring to Thanksgiving? Then look no further. These local bakeries and delis are the perfect place to pick up delicious dishes before the big holiday.



**Photo Courtesy of Datz

Dough is obviously one of Tampa’s favorite bakeries around for a reason. This season they have a treat for every holiday, from Root Beer Float Cake, to Brownie Cheesecake and even Pink Lemonade Cake.


DATZ Dough, 2602 South MacDill Avenue. You can reach them at: (813) 902.1979

Chocolate Pi Vintage Confectionery 

**Courtesy of Chocolate Pi

Chocolate Pi is closed on Thanksgiving Day so be sure to stop in there before 7pm on Wednesday, November 22th to pick up any of of their divine desserts or homemade jams and ice creams. (Personal favorites include Peaches ’N’ Cream and Flourless Valhona Chocolate Cake.)

Chocolate Pi, 1205 South Howard Avenue. You can reach them at (813) 831.2195.

Interbay Meat Market

**Photo Courtesy of @TinaLewis

If sweets isn’t your thing you’ll love Interbay! This butcher and deli shop offers a wide variety of individual meal items, as well as large dishes for the whole family. Check any one of their homemade salads, including: potato, chicken, crab, egg, tuna, coleslaw or macaroni. They also have homemade wings, meat trays, stuffed potatoes… pretty much anything you need to serve about 8-10 people. It’s like this place was made for Thanksgiving. 

Interbay, 6110 Interbay Boulevard. You can reach them at (813) 839.7542.

Cacciatore Brothers

**Photo Courtesy of Cacciatore Brothers

This Italian Deli is one of Tampa’s family owned and operated hidden gems. Similar to Interbay, Cacciatore offers a variety of pre-made salads, home cut meats, and their families original homemade sausage. 

Cacciatore, 5610 Hanley Road. You can reach them at (813) 884.8013.

Cheese Please

With customizable Cheese & Wine baskets, Cheese Please might be the perfect stop before heading to the in-laws. Grab one of 51 decadent cheeses to pair with their wine or beer. They also offer jelly and jams to accommodate your Thanksgiving tastes!

Cheese Please, 3225 South MacDill Avenue. You can reach them at (813) 766.0060.


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