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Rewind & Family Favorites: Tampa Theatre Puts Classics Back on the Big Screen

We hope we have as much energy and drive as Tampa Theatre does at 90. The historic theatre in the heart of downtown Tampa has a marquee that harkens back to the golden age of cinema and an interior patterned with relics and mementos that define its eclectic character.

Cultural icon provides platform for international/local artists

It is a bastion of art, film, and music; the Tampa Theatre is a gathering place for creatives to escape into new and long-missed worlds. Whether Damien Rice is strumming his guitar on stage, Joe Rogan is releasing an unfiltered soliloquy pertaining to modern society or George Saunders is educating an audience on how to perform an effective five-second seance, the theatre provides entertainment fit for all curiosities.


Tampa Theatre launches fundraising campaign

The Theatre recently released their lineup of Rewind and Family Favorite films that will arrive in their theatre this spring. In order to continue providing this programming for local residents the Theatre launched a fundraising campaign with a $10,000 goal. Funds will help the theatre cultivate deeper relationships with artists in the community, as well as local stores and independent restaurants. The money could also help increase the profile of the film series with an expanded marketing budget.

To inspire your donation, here’s the full schedule of classics coming soon to the theatre:




Monday, March 20


George Orwell’s novel of a totalitarian future society in which a man whose daily work is rewriting history tries to rebel by falling in love.

Screens at 7:30pm. Tickets.



Friday, March 24 


A bureaucrat in a retro-future world tries to correct an administrative error and himself becomes an enemy of the state.

Screens at 10:30pm. Tickets.



Sunday, March 26

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 

A troubled child summons the courage to help a friendly alien escape Earth and return to his home world.

Screens at 3pm. Tickets.



Sunday, April 2

Space Jam 

In a desperate attempt to win a basketball match and earn their freedom, the Looney Tunes seek the aid of retired basketball champion, Michael Jordan.

Screens at 3pm. Tickets.



Sunday, April 9

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure 

When eccentric man-child Pee-Wee Herman gets his beloved bike stolen in broad daylight, he sets out across the U.S. on the adventure of his life.

Screens at 3pm. Tickets.



Sunday, April 16

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 

A down-on-his-luck inventor turns a broken-down Grand Prix car into a fancy vehicle for his children, and then they go off on a magical fantasy adventure to save their grandfather in a far-off land.

Screens at 3pm. Tickets.



Sunday, April 23

Pete’s Dragon 

An orphan boy and his magical dragon come to town with his abusive adoptive parents in pursuit.

Screens at 3pm. Tickets.



Sunday, April 30

The Princess Bride

While home sick in bed, a young boy’s grandfather reads him a story called The Princess Bride.

Screens at 3pm. Tickets.



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