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Oronzo serves signature, scratch-made spaghetti burritos in Tampa

exterior of a restaurant with an orange car outside

Oronzo operates on the mantra “(un)Common Italian.” This fast-casual passion project from the same innovative minds behind Bavaro’s (locations in St. Pete and Tampa) slings gourmet pizzas, big salads, fresh pasta, and signature spaghetti burritos in a quaint corner of Midtown Tampa.

The menu offers scratch recipes in a fast-casual environment supported by state-of-the-art technology. The team behind the restaurant brings with it 50+ years in the industry. The restaurant gets its name from Dan Bavaro’s grandfather. 

inside an Italian restaurant with a large colorful mural
Inside Oronzo’s sleek Midtown Tampa space

Italian cuisine gem in Midtown Tampa

In 1939, Oronzo and Angela Bavaro embarked on a journey from Italy to Brooklyn, NY, armed with little more than cherished family recipes and a vibrant dream. Oronzo’s venture into the trucking industry, delivering fresh ingredients to local markets and eateries, laid the foundation for the family’s culinary legacy.

Today, Dan Bavaro, grandson of Oronzo and Founder of Oronzo, passionately upholds this tradition and is dedicated to revolutionizing the Italian dining experience. At Oronzo, they blend time-honored culinary practices with contemporary flair, offering a dining experience that is simple, unpretentious, and brimming with freshness—true to Oronzo’s vision of “(un)Common Italian.”

an Italian burrito - pizza dough wrapped around fresh pasta and meatballs
Experience Italian Burritos at Oronzo

The art of spaghetti burritos

You can always order ahead on Oronzo’s website. The ordering process inside is done on tablets to help expedite the entire dining experience.

If you were skeptical about spaghetti burritos, I encourage you cast any hesitancy aside. The wrap is perfectly toasted at 800 degrees giving it a crunchy ASMR exterior that perfectly complements the handmade pasta situated within. It’s a powerful, compact, filling lunch that you can take on the go.

Treat yourself first to the classic parm Italian burrito. The dish includes housemade spaghetti, fresh mozzarella, antico pomodoro, and shredded Parmesan. This one is made even better if you include a ricotta meatball.

a pepperoni pizza
A fresh pepperoni pizza topped with homemade hot honey

Hot honey pizzas in the heart of Tampa

Don’t sleep on the pizzas (though these savory pies may put you into a deep, happy sleep). The pizza dough is made in house with imported Italian flour. The Primo Pepperoni includes San Marzano tomato sauce, cup and char pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, and housemade Italian hot honey. Each pepperoni cup glistens and the hot honey is just a river of fiery flavor.

There are ample vegan and gluten-free options. Big salads, and build-your-own grain bowls are on the menu with a variety of savory proteins, crunchy greens, and fresh veggies to choose from.

The ultimate dish has to be the Don Alfredo Pasta. Twirl housemade tagliatelle pasta on your fork, topped with roasted mushrooms and garlic, crispy pancetta, Parmesan crema, shredded Parmesan, fresh basil, and Italian white truffle oil. Gluten-free penne pasta is also available.

Oronzo, 1120 Gramercy Lane D-200. Website | Facebook | Instagram

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