Nneka Jones creates amazing fiber art for Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

Tampa Bay artist, Nneka Jones, creates an embroidered portrait art of the Black Panther
Screencap: @disney

Nneka Jones has created another sensational embroidered fiber art. This time for Disney Marvel Studios’ streaming release of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” on Disney+. In a video by Disney, we get a peek at her artistic process of creating an iconic portrait on canvas. Nneka shares that she was honored to create this portrait.

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Her work is no stranger to the spotlight

Nneka Jones already has a prolific resume as a young artist since graduating from the Unversity of Tampa in May 2020. Her phenomenal embroidery and paintings earned her the cover of TIME Magazine and the Washington Post. She was commissioned to create the hand-embroidered flag for the cover of TIME magazine. It appeared on the cover of their August 31/September 7, 2020 issue.

The Washington Post commissioned her for a painting to commemorate when history was made by Vice President Kamala Harris. Her work is also a part of the permanent collections at local institutions: Florida Craft Art Gallery, Ferman Art Center, and the Tampa Museum of Art.

Every stitch counts: using art as a vessel for activism

The Trinidadian-born artist uses her art to raise awareness about topics that she cares about. Nneka says her mixed media activist artwork “explores how unconventional materials can be used to capture the eyes and mind of the viewer to raise awareness about issues of abuse that affect society today”. Her Target Series focuses “mainly on sexual abuse victims and the rise of human trafficking”.


Last year, we interviewed Nneka in the first episode of our local muralist series, “Tampa Bay Born Murals”. We took a look at her experience creating a mural for SHINE Mural Festival with fellow artist, Bianca Burrows. Want to support Nneka Jones? Visit her artist shop to browse prints and more. And be sure to follow her on Instagram to stay up to date with her latest projects.

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