LÜFKA, Tampa’s first zero waste store

Exterior of a zero waste store

Reduce. Reuse. Refill. That’s right, we said refill. Online moments like the plastic challenge have made many people across the globe assess just how much plastic they use on a daily, weekly, and month basis.

Whether it’s plastic bags, straws, and cups, or the containers/packaging things such as toiletries and cleaning products come in, homes are filled with products that are used once and discarded. LUFKA, Tampa’s first zero waste store, hopes to diminish such excess.


The Lüfka Refillables Zero Waste Store is Tampa’s first refillable, eco friendly, and sustainable bath, body, kitchen, and D.I.Y. supplies company. When you visit the store, you bring your own container, or choose from a variety of LUFKA’s refillable and reusable containers and fill them with eco friendly personal care products, cleaning supplies, and raw ingredients.

LUFKA’s premium handmade skincare products will help you feel healthy while making decisions that diminish your own environmental impact.


You can visit the zero waste store at 4222 North Florida Avenue. Follow LUFKA on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new products and DIY classes.


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