Laundry Project Adds Art, Hope to Tampa

Engage Current’s Laundry Project initiative began 8 years ago. In that time they have served 11,276 families, washed 103,641 loads of laundry and completed 449 projects. The purpose of the Laundry Project is to assist low-income families with meeting the basic need of having clean clothes and linens. To turn this concept into a reality, the Florida-based not-for-profit organization Engage Current partnered with Just One.

engagecurrent2     *Photo via Engage Current

Providing free laundry for families in need

When the group arrives in a community they turn local Laundromats into bastions of hope. They cover the cost of all laundry services while community volunteers assist with washing/drying clothes and entertaining families. Beyond that, Engage Current adds their own artistic insignia to the laundromats they visit. Vibrant murals painted on the exterior walls of the facilities allow the Laundry Project’s efforts to maintain a sense of permanence, while continuing to raise awareness about a significant issue.


sentrock     *Photo via @sentrock

CLEAN Campaign adds murals to local community

The organization is currently working with Pep Rally Inc. on a new CLEAN mural at Tampa Laundry (2501 North Tampa Street). Free laundry service will be available to families on Saturday, March 25, from 10am-1pm. Volunteers are always welcome at these events. Visit their website for full details on how to get involved. This Saturday, Engage Current will also be at Big Wash Sulphur Springs (908 East Waters Avenue) and Coin Laundry USA (606 Union Street, Dunedin).

engagecurrent     *Photo via Engage Current

Tampa Laundry’s mural marks the tenth piece of art completed for the clean campaign.  Murals for the clean campaign can be found at Pete’s Wash in St. Pete, Big Wash in Ybor City and Washlava on Armenia Avenue, just to name a few.

Future plans call for a mobile laundry unit

Follow them online to see their latest artist collaboration, as well as their next event in the state. Engage Current harbors ambitious plans for the future. In order to service more families in a variety of neighborhoods that may not have nearby laundromats, the organization is working on developing a mobile laundry unit.



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