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July Non-Profit Spotlight: Humane Society of Tampa Bay

A pup takes a nap after an afternoon of meeting visitors looking to adopt a dog.

This month, we wanted to highlight one of the best organizations in Tampa Bay taking care of man’s best friend. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay takes in and shelters thousands of animals every year, and they are almost at capacity right now. Hopefully, we can get some people involved and wanting to take home their new best friend!

What is The Humane Society of Tampa Bay?

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay was established in 1912 and was run out of a donated two story house from 1920-1960, when the current facility was built. They have since opened a kennel, a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, a no-kill shelter, a wellness clinic, and a full-service veterinary hospital combining the spay/neuter clinic and the wellness clinic.


A fun little fact about our own branch of the Humane Society is that this facility has an executive board made entirely of women! Check them out here!


While most people just think of the Humane Society as a shelter for animals, they offer so much more than that. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay offers your obvious adoptions, but also has programs like Dolly’s Dream Dogs. This program focuses on saving the lives of square-headed dogs like pitts and boxers because of the stigma that goes with their breeds. They also have a program called Working Cats. This program focuses on providing cats that are good little rodent hunters to people who have barns or sheds or stables. This keeps the feral cats from having to be euthanized and helps the humans live pest free!

They also offer a wide variety of programs, such as free pet food banks, animal behavioral center, and veterinary care for owned pets, lost and found pets services, spaying and neutering, and grooming!


How does the Humane Society of Tampa Bay fund all this?

Good question! The Humane Society of Tampa Bay relies 100% on donations. They don’t receive and Federal or State tax dollars, assistance from United Way, or even funding from the Humane Society of the United States.

Humane Society Upcoming Events

Here are some of the upcoming events, but click here to find out more!


Right now, the shelters are full. If you can, the best way to help is to adopt one of these babies! In the age of the internet, it could not be easier to adopt a pet. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has a webpage so you can see all the little guys that need a home. You can find dogs/puppies, cats/kittens, and rabbits and other critters.

How can you help?

Not everyone can adopt a pet, but there are many other ways to help! You can donate financially through a one time donation or a monthly gift which makes you a pet partner! You can sign up to be a volunteer.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has a few different volunteer opportunities. For people who want to be more regular volunteer, you can join their long-term volunteer team. They also have foster families for pets who are too young or sick to be adopted. If you’re in high school, you know that you need 100 volunteer hours to reach that top level of bright futures and you can get them at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay! It’s super easy, just sign up here!

Humane Society Tampa Bay also has a Wish List and many creative ways to support!


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