Intergalactic travel through immersive SpaceVR float tanks launches in Tampa

Giant blue float tank

For many, space travel will never be a reality. The wonders of the planets and galaxies beyond our own will always capture the global curiosity. Soon, Tampa residents will get the chance to experience intergalactic travel courtesy of a new Virtual Reality experience β€” and it just happens to take place inside a float tank.

Experience the sublime of space in zero gravity right in the city of Tampa!

The thrill and euphoria of space travel

Yes, the bright white pods let you sink into a feeling of pure relaxation. The meditative endeavor is now being paired with brilliant footage from outer space. This VR experience, pioneered by Ryan Holmes, is said to cause the overview effect.

What is the overview effect?

The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from outer space.

SpaceVR program specifically to take you on this journey like never before,” said Ryan Holmes. “It’s the weightless environment of the float pod that truly creates the opportunity for you to feel like an astronaut and get totally blissed out.

The experience causes some people to cry

Holmes notes that more than 100 people have gone through the hour long VR process, and nearly all of them have left crying. Prepare for utter euphoria.

Holmes studied electrical engineering at USF, and helped launch several companies in the Tampa Bay region before moving to California.

The VR experience lasts for 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of floating for deep meditation.

Users have felt gratitude, and peace post SpaceVR

Holmes has gone through it dozens of times and arrived at a different emotional conclusion after each trial.

Those who have tested have said they felt a tremendous wave of gratitude wash over them. Another tester had just gone through a breakup before the experience, and felt that the float tank and VR experience were a kind of therapy. The hi res imagery of earth put the entire situation into perspective.

The cost per experience is $99. Holmes hopes to launch out of 800 locations across the country with one location set at Tampa Floats, 4405 N Dale Mabry Highway.

You can learn more by visiting SpaceVR’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram feed.

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