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Dalí protege debuts transformational exhibit at Imagine Museum

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A rare protege of the master surrealist is yet another of Salvador Dalí’s connections to the region, and a new exhibition opening soon goes beyond even what the celebrated Spanish artist created. Louis Markoya’s “Imagine Deeper: Into and Beyond Your Dreams” is making its debut at the Imagine Museum in St. Pete this weekend, a limited run showcasing a generational talent beginning February 3. Details on opening night can be found here.

Imagine Deeper will be open through July, and it is truly a showcase of Markoya’s incredible skill, as well as his dedication to Dalí’s literal and metaphorical dreams. Markoya spent six years working under Dalí’s master teaching, and it was in that time that he learned of one of Dalí’s lifelong goals. While the famed surrealist was never able to achieve his vision, the dream has been brought to life through the talent of his one time protege.

In this groundbreaking exhibit, Markoya fulfills Dalí’s lifetime dream: the creation of full-color, holographic, three-dimensional art on a flat surface – with no viewing aids. The influence of Dalí is evident when viewing Markoya’s work, and his extension of Dalí’s vision is truly breathtaking.

The Grand Opening of Imagine Deeper coincides with the 6th anniversary of the Imagine Museum, a “Fire and Light” evening of art. The anniversary celebration begins at 6:30 pm (5:30 for museum members) on Saturday, February 3 at Imagine Museum, 1901 Central Avenue. The evening includes an artist talk by Markoya himself, as well as special appearances by a multitude of celebrated international glass artists.

Markoya’s work, not unlike that of his mentor, is a reality-twisting combination of geometry, mathematics, optical technology, and classicism that imbues “a whole new way of thinking and perceiving subjects not normally covered in artworks.” The end result is a gallery full of creations that literally jump off the canvas and send viewers into new worlds and even new versions of their own worlds.

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At Imagine Museum, guests immerse themselves in an extraordinary collection of contemporary glass masterpieces that push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship. The museum showcases a diverse array of stunning glass sculptures, captivating installations, and thought-provoking exhibitions, leaving visitors in awe of the boundless possibilities of this mesmerizing medium.

Learn more about Imagine Museum and the Imagine Deeper exhibition at


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