High speed boat, Bay Rocket, offers a wild thrill ride from the Tampa Riverwalk

A speed boat with a skull and bones design on the side crashes through waves. The vessel is black with bright red seats

We have the need for speed in the city of Tampa. Busch Gardens let Tampa visitors and residents take the sky and enjoy drops from such great heights, but now a new option for fast and furious adventure has entered the chat: Bay Rocket. It’s one of only five boats of its kind in the United States.

Blast off for Tampa’s newest near hour long adrenaline-filled jet boat ride. Experience the power of Bay Rocket’s 2800 horsepower with thrilling 180-degree spins, turns, and bow dips. Truly feel the rush as they crank up the music for a blast off on the bay. This Bay Rocket crew provides a whimsical narration,  fun interactive games, and a dance party on the cruise back.


The vessel departs right outside the Tampa Convention Center, and tickets start at $34.95 for adults, and $29.95 for kids. The Bay Rocket is also available for groups (15 people or more). Imagine spending your birthday pulling 180s and riding the waves with a perfect view of downtown Tampa.

Those who are ready to ride should be prepared to get soaking wet as the waves crash and rise over the sides of the boat. But safety is always a priority. Each seat has a safety belt, a life jacket and springs to lessen the impact of bumps.

Learn more about The Bay Rocket and book your trip in advance on the vessel’s website. The Bay Rocket docks at 333 S Franklin Street.


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