Handmade Holiday: Franklin Street’s woodworking school

Photo of woodworking space in Tampa

There’s something to be said about crafting something with your own two hands. On Franklin Street in Tampa, there’s a school dedicated to teaching those curious enough the tricks of the woodworking trade. It’s the only nationally known urban woodworking school of its kind, according to release. Class, welcome to the Florida School of Woodwork.


Learn to make your own furniture

The school, run by Kate Swann, offers woodworking, furniture making, woodturning and carving classes. It’s situated in a restored building at 1609 North Franklin Street and offers 4,000 square feet of usable work space.


Each student is given their own work area atop a specially designed suspended floor. The ‘sprung’ floor is more comfortable than standing on concrete, and allows each student to fully focus on their work, according to the owners.


Classes for beginners and experts

There are ample beginners classes to help you get more comfortable around the tools and the woodworking process. You can see a full lineup of beginner’s furniture making classes online.

Classes include everything from learning to make a cutting board or pen, to making your own damn chair.

I live in a studio apartment, so attempting any of these projects at home would be impossible. A business like Florida School of Woodwork provides the space, the instruction, and the tools to learn a pretty timeless trade.


Special woodturning course offered in 2020

You can get a full view of classes offered, which includes a special woodturning course in 2020, by visiting the schools website. Courses can run anywhere from just one afternoon to multiple weeks, depending on your skill level.


Tuition and fees for materials vary based on the class you’ve registered for. Scholarships are available

Who wants to go to wood shop one more time?

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