Duckweed opening new grocery store on Davis Islands

Duckweed may be Tampa’s favorite market. The grocer continues to expand and has its sights set on Davis Islands, one of the dreamiest neighborhoods in Tampa. “What the Duck? Duckweed Davis Island has Gas!” wrote the enthusiastic owners in an Instagram post. The new store’s official address is 302 E Davis Boulevard.

Duckweed carries everything from light bites and snacks, to essentials like milk, eggs, sauces, oils, and fresh produce. The store also hosts Farmacy Vegan Kitchen, and their vegan cheesesteaks is one of the best sandwiches in the state of Florida.


“This is all part of the plan to grow the Duckweed brand and we are currently working on flagship locations at WestShore Marina District, with an interior that will elevate the design from the quirky urban look that defines the Channel District and Downtown Tampa storefronts, to a cleaner, more high-end look,” write the ownership team after their Westshore Marina District debut. “It will also include a liquor store that will offer residents of the surrounding communities an opportunity to purchase alcohol beyond beer and wine.”

The urban grocer’s locations in some of Tampa’s most trafficked districts are amplified through its new Duck Dash Delivery app. That’s right, you can support your local grocery store from the comfort of home.

Follow Duckweed on Instagram for more updates as the local market continues to grow. An opening timeline for the new store is still TBA.

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