Current Initiatives launches Laundry Project Relief for Tampa families

Current Initiatives has worked tirelessly for years to wash thousands of loads of laundry for families across the United States. Now, the organizers behind Current Initiatives are once again working to aid those who need it most in any way that they can.

“During this time of crisis it is more important than ever that we serve those who are struggling,” the organization wrote in a statement on Current Initiatives website. “To do what we can through the Laundry Project initiative we will be working with local city authorities to provide laundry services to lower-income families as well as hospitality workers currently out of work.”


Clean laundry is not just an on-going financial burden for many families but is also a contributing factor to health and wellness. The Laundry Project is committed to doing what we can to bolster the health and wellness of families in need by providing clean laundry during this crisis.[0]=68.ARByOQpzKHapyBaeXcPtyPUQslcmWifHHUwwEDg90Grvryti6A6JYr0drHQh09R3PlG9yusEbNJg7qufrGH9NIShL-NKwW3tQHBnvN5Tz00L2SHvQQwMoMT_w77RhMk1Cb-v_gEEytAfL5ANK8EASfSNPldPTZJAqeDEDVP5cEt270RDm_ygfM1qlGeVxEFCDxCXChtEzlJekZHb42J437LpsC9NULxoDamHkWwmKMaWBXMHZ_ZKGio7KVT_UtKlkje-DM1EhJ9L-vPcAzFlCcrhlqBfJAGxo6TTxYQHOO3Mb7JiysVRPCZXbKc7FJJut9DY6vJPXfXv83nEUJi5mN65FEwNiA&__tn__=-R

They are dealers of soap and hope in the Tampa Bay region. Recently, the Laundry Project posted up at Big Wash in Tampa and provided free laundry for 20 low income families.

Each family selected a time to do their wash to avoiding any crowding.

Everyone on site used hand sanitizer and all volunteers were required to wear gloves. The machines were disinfected after each load for further peace of mind for the families.

In total, they did more than 200 loads of laundry for the families.

You can help provide free laundry for more low income families and residents by visiting The Laundry Project’s website.

The campaign is currently fundraising, and has raised more than $3,000 with a total drive goal of $10,000.

Families that would like to pre-register for the next event can log onto for all of the details.

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