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Cost-free grocery store is fighting hunger in Tampa Bay

Inside Tampa's cost-free grocery store, which utilizes more than 250 volunteers to provide food for those in need.

The all volunteer organization known as Tampa Bay Harvest has delivered over 54,000,000 pounds of food to the local charities that serve the needy citizens of the Tampa Bay community since it first started in 1989.

We first learned about Tampa Bay Harvest courtesy of a report by ABC Action News. The grocery store helps feed nearly 1,200 families a month. No, it’s not a food pantry; Tampa Bay Harvest is a grocery store for those who need a little help.


Over 250 Tampa Bay Harvest volunteers pick up leftover, sale dated and quality excess food items from local supermarkets, and restaurants. The volunteers deliver the rescued food to one of the more than 100 local area charities served by the nonprofit who, in turn, feed the hungry, according to Tampa Bay Harvest’s website.[0]=68.ARBPlFHHFDxCjmqniZpghiR96FMxEaOFWqB6x5x_O_p_7o2_KZNcVuxjaxo1kfWjh2uDf3ZuvDIHP3ZB3Rkw4ZxEku8Qbd-Kz7qEUkNijev3Oq95r4U_wUcFrl4qPGFit3ELIq9nmWCLYO1apgyRR4qivbYDpCpwduGrBsS0J73HafHbUaHrE9TbS_xOJgPxREwNAjQ96W7tc9N-CI9fp6FBVauu6bYlWCaTlC6Zha0Itf_k2FDGpMOW8I1KTluTA5c4uBqdAXrf1t4EZ3DbJk5n1kPvzJbVpWK6XTYlK8msyp26RsYXOwT8sDiOnoc3zGx3M0RXLzO553ZpLl9TlJUy0XCO0pABkWRwVsg9wfPqt2eXwpqNLFlKtYFYm-2SswZ0l-2yKIyTFKi8LBYI0vm9vefvyhzC_pu_NgHln3guHEBSEXIuaSwY_iqc0R8EsB5kxOQfoUAjHwrhL-gcxzucQlQf0gxGIMiAbtvOav_SXRZ3RELiRGsT9OkpvB3c0qct&__tn__=H-R

Here’s the nonprofit’s impact by the numbers:

  • 4,176,601 pounds of food donated
  • $6,891,400 dollar value of food donated
  • 8,353,202 meals provided 0.7% administrative expenses vs revenues
  • 223 active volunteers
  • 29,500 volunteer hours worked

The store is open The store is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 1pm, according to a report by ABC Action News. It is located at 13149 N Dale Mabry Hwy (behind Fresh Market) in Tampa.


Want to get involved and help Tampa’s cost-free grocery store thrive? Learn more about volunteer opportunities and donations by visiting the Tampa Baby Harvest website.


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