Busch Gardens Announces New Ride, Tigris

Busch Gardens went live on Facebook to announce the park’s newest ride. “Tigris” will be the tallest vertical launch coaster in the state. It will be similar to the Tempesto ride in Busch Gardens Williamsburg park. The gravity defying launch coaster sends riders around extraordinarily tight turns at speeds up to 63 miles per hour. The ride also features a loop at over 100 feet in the air.


Tigris is set to open in spring 2019 in the space formerly occupied by the Taganyika Tidal Wave ride. Park officials also teased plans for another major new ride set to debut in 2020 in the Gwazi area, though no other details were provided.

If you love thrill rides, Bush Gardens Tampa is your local haven. If you prefer keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground, the 300+ acre theme park has plenty of concessions and an entire safari experience to keep you entertained.

What’s your favorite attraction at Busch Gardens?


Photo credit: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

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