Would you eat olive oil ice cream? You can try it in Ybor City

Olive Oil Ice Cream

Olive Oil Ice Cream is a thing, folks, and it might just be worth a try. Chill Bros., Ybor’s new sweet ice cream shop unveiled the new flavor on Instagram.

It’s not a flavor I immediately think of when I’m craving the frozen treat, but the Instagram response appears to be strong. The scoop, which honestly looks like a feint ray of sunshine, is topped off with a generous amount of salt.


I could see this savory option appealing to those who are looking for cool relief, but aren’t necessarily sugary sweet fiends. If it’s anything like the other flavors Chill Bros. slings, it’s bound to be great.

The shop has wowed visitors with treats like the orange creamsicle milkshake, cafe con leche ice cream (inject that directly into my veins, please), the oatmeal cookie scoops, and the charcoal cones are all phenomenal.

Plus, the shop offers gluten-free cones, so they won my heart rather quickly.


This is all to say, I trust the Chill Bros., so I’m ready to give this Olive Oil Ice Cream a try. Have you tasted it yet? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

If you don’t dig it, just wash it down with a root beer float, y’all. Don’t forget to admire the mural work of local artist, Chad Mize, too.


Chill Bros. Ice Cream, 1910 East 7th Avenue

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