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VR Arcade Provides Immersive Gaming Experience in Tampa

The arcade has advanced since its humble beginnings. New technological advances have changed the way the gaming community interacts with worlds old and familiar. The advent of VR allows users to become a part of the story/world/game they’re playing.

Games test endurance and bravery

Vault-Tec Virtual Arena is a first of its kind gaming center in the city of Tampa and the state of Florida. The space for VR gaming officially opened its doors in May of this year. Shadow Ops, a zombie first-person shooter, and Omni Arena, a battle against wave after wave robots, offer fully immersive gaming experiences with walking ability.


VR only games include

  • Blue Effect — Atmospheric sci-fi wave shooter that will test your endurance and bravery.
  • ROM Extraction — Fill the role of an extractor where you must throw, slow and shoot your way to decimate as many extraterrestrial-bots as possible.
  • Arizona Sunshine — Arizona Sunshine puts you in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Pay by the minute/hour during your visit

All games are purchased on cards, either digitally or on gift cards which are transferrable to anyone. You can purchase 15 minutes of play for $25, 30 minutes for $40, 60 minutes for $55 or 3 hours for $130.

Located at 4838 North Armenia Avenue, Vault-Tec currently resides in a small location; however, they are open for reservations for birthday parties and corporate events.


Classic games and escape room on site

Vault-Tec also offers a selection of Super Nintendo, Playstation and XBox games for those with a penchant for classic systems. There’s also a VR Escape Room for those looking to put their intellect and cleverness to the test.

Follow Vault-Tec Virtual Arena on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new games.


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