The Opening of House of Carbs

House of Carbs had a quiet opening but the reaction from customers is anything but quiet. House of Carbs’ menu consists of soups, salads, sandwiches, and bread delights. However, where their menu truly shines is the grilled cheese.


Everyone in Tampa is falling in love with this restaurant that is serving the best-grilled cheese in the Bay. House of Carbs was previously the Cheeses & Crust Food Stand but this gourmet grilled cheese was in too high of a demand to be just a food stand. As a result, House of Carbs was born and is now located at 410 E Madison St. Their grilled cheese isn’t your ordinary grilled cheese, it’s a completely gourmet grilled cheese. 

The secret to their grilled cheese is all in the bread. According to House of Carbs, they serve “Real, authentic bread that we handcraft and bake from scratch. We make grilled cheese to show that even a lowly-regarded sandwich such as the grilled cheese can be elevated to one of the first choices when made with real bread.”

Their delectable bread has been under our noses this whole time. They’ve baked up rolls for Concord Coffee and Cob & Pen and have been at lots of farmers markets. Their grilled cheeses are a lot more than just cheese; the Grilly Cheesesteak is made with in-house sliced steak, grilled sweet peppers, braised mushrooms, sautéed onions, and smoked provolone cheese all sandwiched between butter parmesan encrusted slices of their craft bread. Hungry yet? Head over and check out their delightful creations for yourself! 

Images courtesy of House of Carbs and Cheeses & Crust 

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