The home of the fattest fish sandwich just opened in Temple Terrace

Believe the hype, Tampa, the Skrimp Shack makes a fat fish sandwich worth trying. Founders Mitch and Stacey Hartman opened the first Skrimp Shack in Virginia. At the time, the pair had designs on just running a fish market; however the spot they set up at required 80% of revenue come from cooked food, according to the owners.

We’re happy those plans evolved. The resourceful owners found ways to take the fresh caught fish and shrimp they were getting from the docks in Virginia and North Carolina and cook them on the spot for a growing roster of regulars.


Hushpuppies take center stage

The casual restaurant features a lengthy list of sandwiches to indulge in; however, we’re partial to a giant basket of hushpuppies ourselves.

You can take a lighter approach to the menu with fish tacos or gorge yourself on a crab meat and skrimp po boy. They also delectable finger food options — we’re talking about the all-too addicting catfish nuggets.

Locations all over the Virginia and North Carolina

There are Skrimp Shacks all over the North Carolina and Virginia area, and we’re excited to see these flavors infused in the always developing Temple Terrace area.

Where is Skrimp Shack located? Skrimp Shack is located at 11508 North 56th Street. Skrimp Shack is open from 10:30am-9pm, Monday through Friday, and 11am-9pm on Saturday.

Follow Skrimp Shack on Facebook for updates on the restaurant.


*Photos courtesy of Skrimp Shack

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