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Tampa’s Top Social Media Influencers: Part I

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The city of Tampa has grown immensley over the past few years. Thanks to social media, Tampa has become more connected than ever. These select individuals have been on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on their respective blogs documenting the evolution. These residents keep us up to date on the art scene, new restaurants and businesses, the best events and more. Here is Part I in a series focusing on the top accounts to follow in Tampa. 






Jason Skeldon is taking the Tampa Bay art scene by storm. Just three years ago Skeldon was working as a local paramedic. Today, he is being contacted by famous musicians across the country with requests for custom work (including Tampa’s very own Plies)







Instagramers of Tampa is a group dedicated to the beauty and character of our city. @Igers_Tampa curates the most stunning and unique photos taken by local artists and displays them in their feed for a larger audience to appreciate. It's like Christmas morning when you wake up to find yourself featured on their account. We frequently turn to them for morning inspiration and have discovered some of the most talented individuals in this city because of them. 






“A picture is worth a thousand words." This quote has never been truer when describing the work of this local photographer. @__Operator__ 's photos are beyond breathtaking. He captures the hidden gems of Tampa in a rare light. His body of work serves as an ever-growing guide to the most scenic locations downtown and all over Tampa. 







Maurice Jordan is not only a well known skater and resident here in Tampa, but his following is also growing to the west coast as far as Los Angeles. Jordan is also part of a the Jank House Production team, which consists of a group of local skaters and a local production crew who feature various skating tricks on their YouTube and social media channels. 




Shadow1188 prefers not only to show life in the Bay through its people, but its art as well (though his vision reveals the two are not mutually exclusive). Most of his pictures are either in glamorous colors or black and white. The duality of presentation allows his feed to transition from a found-footage feel to polished, almost purposeful display. He's not afraid to explore the city either, so if you're looking for a new spot in Tampa we suggest you pay attention to his IG feed. 


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