You can rent arcade games and pinball machines from Lowry Parcade

Arcade game rental

The Lowry Parcade is one of our favorite spots to spend a Friday night. Or rather, prior to this pandemic, it was a frequent weekend go-to spot. the owners of the arcade and bar are now delivering the games that make it such a popular hub in the region direct to your door.

The owners brought the rental program back on July 3, after launching it in April. Each game is completely cleaned and sanitized before being brought to your residence.


Games include Street Fighter II Turbo, Donkey Kong, X-Men (my personal favorite games – dibs on Nightcrawler), NBA Jam, and Mortal Kombat 3. South Park and The Terminator are among the available pinball machines for rent. Rental durations can last anywhere from a week to a month.[0]=68.ARBgPmJ2DGvdIBBN4g1kQCiKpS3RkmIU2ez8k3Xbjx-s5E269tdM-hsMwJ96Ldf-DDjIMW-D_Jm7weQsw-PYOGlfoWHYojSiqbBfeDgd0u3P1fLm5H6g1U1nVDeLXsoX7Gmy81GcTbNBN3yry5O_SRrqEbd-hbn0HPbjyF471Tcw0Ii90r0wWS_cKf8gFBaTydVrksQMlJnyHlyA0xSeWiYX4pkfFHd2j1aRvZafmygJYuN7SoCeLk_NbotOw_huboCdT3DfoYs0xIv93CYYrM3yjubvTGaaczuNj2zgAkZLAQp61riS5Dvtb3Cj5BjseyUUXWp5Uz3G7YQU7C1sLBYHFQ&__tn__=-R

Free delivery is available for spots within 5 miles of Lowry Parcade, which is located at 1213 West Waters Avenue.

There are more ways to support this local gem. Lowry Parcade’s full beer and wine menu is available for takeout. The menu changes frequently, so keep checking online for updates.


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