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Tampa Treasures: Yolk White & Associates, a 5-star breakfast cart on the waterfront

Yolk White & Associates has long been heralded as one of the premiere breakfast joints in Tampa — the owner serves up my personal favorite grits in the entire Tampa Bay region.

The small food cart pops up along the Riverwalk and serves up some sensational omelets, and hearty breakfast sandwiches several days a week to eager and famished residents.

Yolk, White & Associates is open Monday-Friday from 7-11am. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? If you try one thing here, make it the grits. They’ll change your breakfast life. 

Yolk White & Associates sets up shop at 100 N Ashley Drive. 

Here’s what diners have said about the food cart:

Sophia R.: I’ve been coming to Yolk White & Associate’s every week for about a year now, and wow I have never been disappointed. The grits, first off, changed my thoughts on grits forever. I used to hate grits and boy was I missing out. I go between the English sandwich and the Dylan frittata and both are the highlight of my week. 

Karl M.: If you don’t get anything but dem damn grits you’re gonna be happy. Grits?  WTH are grits?  Trust me just get them. Seriously, most ppl can hook up breakfast food but there was something special about this place. I’m a fan of cart food when it’s good and this was gooder than good. I ate twice…without leaving. Yep, I went right back and ordered a “Whatever you feel like making”. He made an omelette with bacon…  Did you say bacon?  Yes I did and I stopped there intentionally because after BACON, what else need said?  

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