Tampa raises minimum wage to $15/hour for city employees

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor stands at a podium during a press conference

It pays to work for the city of Tampa, seriously. On August 28, the City of Tampa announced it would raise the minimum wage for all city employees to $15/hour.

Mayor Jane Castor made the announcement. The move, according to Castor, is about the quality of life in the city of Tampa today. It’s about attracting and keeping talent in Tampa Bay.


All new and full-time city employees will be paid $15/hour beginning October 1.

“We have a rapidly growing city, and with that growth comes great responsibility,” said Mayor Jane Castor. “We have got to lead by example.” The city of Tampa currently employs 4,500 people.

Any full-time employee not currently making $15 per hour will have their pay bumped up as a result.

Paying employees a living wage will hopefully foster a stronger, more skilled labor force in the city. Castor wants the city to act as a leader in the workforce, and encourage other employers to pay their employees a living wage, too.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Mayor Jane Castor added.

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